Welcome to the QuinnZone!

Or as we sometimes call it, the ol' QZ.

What is the QuinnZone?

Well, the QuinnZone is a holding place for all of our projects, shows, characters, scripts, ideas, music and games. An umbrella for everything creative based past, present and future, that passes through entertainment industry veteran, Mike Quinn's brain (the right side of course).

The QuinnZone is a nurturing place where ideas and creativity run free. It's okay to experiment here, kick a few concepts around, throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks.

The QuinnZone can also be a state of mind, a happy place where one can dare to take chances and risks, dream and then follow through on that dream.

Ultimately, the QuinnZone is a legal entity that can realize projects, turning those dreams into practical reality. There are no limits to types and genres of projects here.

Please feel free to look around. Stay a while and we'll put the kettle on. If you have any questions or comments, don't be shy. Use the contact form or email and we'll be happy to reply as soon as possible. Come back again soon too as we have good things ahead!
QuinnZone's raison d'être.

Whether it's puppetry, animation or live action, bringing life to characters, stories and places that otherwise would not exist is what drives all the projects at the QZ.

To company President Mike Quinn it's not so much the medium that's important, he states "It's about the creation of something that never before existed. It's about entertaining the viewer by taking them somewhere new and forgetting the realities of the day".

QZ's projects do have a tendency to lean towards fantasy, sci-fi and surreal humor. Partly due to Mike's history and partly due to his exposure growing up of the great slapstick comedians like Laurel and Hardy, Norman Wisdom, the old British TV classics and of course The Muppet Show.

Mike's performing career began as a child with his own magic and puppet show. "Nothing has changed over that forty years for me" Mike adds, "a little piece of magic happens every time an exchange between performer and audience occurs. All performers, singers, musicians, directors and writers are actually real magicians. They cut through the noise of the day and safely make us feel something with their storytelling. That something is something primal, untouchable and even intangible, yet we as humans need and crave this escapism daily".

QuinnZone Studios hopes in some small way, to help our little planet along and make it a better place to be. "It's all about the journey folks, the destination is just the icing on the cake!" Mike chuckles as he buries his head into several more projects.

Making magic happen for over four decades!

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